Alstom equips British high speed 2 railroad

This is the new industrial sales station for trains made by Alstom: the French team has won the new contract in the UK this time.

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The British Express 2 Railroad will be fitted by the French team Alstom. Alstom shares two billion 300 million euro deal with Japanese Hitachi. Its purpose is to provide Great Britain with 54 high-speed trains capable of traveling at speeds of up to 360 km per hour at peak speeds in Europe, similar to TGVs in France. The contract includes the manufacture of train sets and maintenance throughout the channel for twelve years.

It is a High Speed ​​2 project launched by the British Government over 10 years ago and is planned to serve the North of England and the Midlands through TGV in several phases. First by annexing London to Birmingham by 2026; Second to link Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds in 2033.

We need to build these trains with Hitachi. A new Allstom production line will be established in Derby (between Birmingham and Sheffield). Bodhisattvas (Axes) See also daylight. Alstom promises that all of this will create and sustain thousands of “green” jobs.

It was a huge success for Alstom, which is affiliated with Hitachi. The joint venture allows traditional rivals to be sidelined on the international stage: Eurostar Rail, German Siemens and manufacturer of train sets for the Spanish CAF and Talco. Then this vast high speed two project between London and Birmingham was an opportunity to show their knowledge to other French groups. They are already working hard: Bouygues, Eiffage and Vinci. A construction site that employs 16,000 people today, you can see others coming to speed things up. The first phase of UK infrastructure is set to open before 2030.

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