Overwarch 2 will come to the Nintendo Switch but with many sacrifices, according to Blizzard

After 6 years, it seems to be finally Monitor 2 It is a fact, although the launch of the game is still stalled because they need to adjust the details of development, and of course optimization for all consoles, through which The Nintendo Switch presents a lot of problems, so you’ll come to this with sacrifices.

John LaFleur, Director Monitor 2, answered questions about game development for consoles, while ensuring that Yes it will for all current consoles. However, he admitted that what most challenges the entire team is the Nintendo Switch.

“As hardware has advanced since the launch of Overwatch, we’re expanding the OW2 engine with more cutting edge features. However, we’re also working hard to make sure all of our platforms have the best experience, even in PvE. The Switch is more challenging than some and we’ll have to make some compromises there. For this reason, some of the sophisticated visual enhancements may not be visible there. We will first focus on making sure that all of the gameplay-related features are there, and then highlight them with additional features as possible.”

Overwatch 2 has been discontinued by improving consoles | Source: Blizzard

It is clear , Nintendo Switch does not reach the level of Xbox Series X | S or Playstation 5 in terms of graphics processing. This distance forces developers to think of this as two different games, as lack of processing power can seriously affect gameplay and firework mechanics if not optimized properly.

The Nintendo Switch is the only current generation console that can’t even play FHD content. Also, this put the developers in a lot of trouble, since programming games optimized for this console is practically impossible without giving away all its graphics.

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