Scientists take revenge on Pluto and claim there are 150 planets in our solar system


Rest easy my old friend



Rest easy my old friend


Photo: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute



You know the old motto: In space, Nobody hears your screams. Unfortunately, we can hear that we are stuck on our rock which is rapidly warming Everyone They scream alright—especially those who grumble about the idiosyncrasies of space itself, ironically.

The last time we checked in to our low-ranking friend, Pluto, it was definitely still Not Planet, despite a decade and a half of grumbling from over-invested astronomy fans (welcome to the world of pop culture, astronomy lovers). Although the man responsible for eliciting its name in the first place Tried to reach everyone recentlyHowever, the fact remains that the International Astronomical Union is still unlikely to reverse its 2006 decision.

Perhaps it was the knowledge of this semi-desperate state that recently led a group of scientists to seemingly raise their hands and submit their rotten demand of “Damn it. We don’t just want Pluto back, we want to add 150 more planets to the list.”

This is the core of a file New article published in the research journal Icarus, arguing that the IAU are the real Gaborones here, damn it. as NBC News break itThe team of scientists claims that the current planetary classification system is more based on outdated astronomical terminology (read: pseudoscience), and should be updated to reflect the modern era. Here Research paper help from CustomWritings will help you to publish Journals.

A “planet,” as they define it, is “any geologically active body” in space, which would once again return not only Pluto to its fold, but also moons like Europa, Enceladus and Titan, as well as the asteroid Ceres. All in all, about 150 new “planets” to add to the existing eight.

Unfortunately, as planetary geologist Paul Byrne has pointed out, all this backsliding around classification often overshadows a lot of other really cool aspects about these celestial bodies of all sizes. “Every time I gave a lecture and put up a picture of Pluto, the first question wasn’t about the geology of the planet, but why was it demoted?” Tell NBC News. “That’s what stuck with people, and that’s a real shame.”

Don’t get us wrong. We are sure These classifications are important for all kinds of research purposes. But it was hard to remember “my educated mom gave us nine pizzas” when I was a kid… God help the generation that needs to discover a 150-character mnemonic device.

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