Gran Turismo 7 beta will be available soon for PS5. Sony has yet to confirm this, but a demo recording of interactive car games has been discovered on the PlayStation website. Sony Video also introduces new images.

Gran Turismo 7, the next installment in the racing game franchise, does not have a specific release date yet. However, it looks like Sony is working on something. Trial version of Gran Turismo 7 It will be available soon on PS5. Site GTPlanet Who is the specialist in this license and other auto franchises is the origin of this discovery.

Gran Turismo 7 – Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Gran Turismo 7 beta appeared on the page Try PlayStation It can be accessed on the PlayStation website. This program presents questions to the players. Completing these tasks allows you to unlock specific rewards. As mentioned GTPlanet, a new section called ” Italy Quest Available. Provides access to four tasks, including Gran Turismo Beta (test) ».

Getting ready for Gran Turismo 7 beta, a release in the coming months?

Gran Turismo’s mission is to watch the trailer for the game that Sony revealed last year. After watching, you unlock automatically beta access code. At the moment, all the icons distributed on the site are simple placeholders. This means that nothing works. However, Sony likely won’t take long to enact this endeavor.

We don’t have a more specific date for the beta version of Gran Turismo 7, but it may arrive in the next few months. Besides, the car racing game will not be like that in the end Not exclusive to PlayStation 5. It will also be released on PS4. In fact, many exclusives initially designed for the PS5 often find their way to the PS4. The head of PlayStation Studios recently clarified that Sony can’t give away 110 million PS4 players overnight.

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Finally, a new promotional video from Sony has been revealed Never-before-seen shots of Gran Turismo 7. This video details amazing pictures PS5 games and more specifically the two graphics modes available to players. Cinematic Mode targets 4K while Performance Mode delivers 60fps at all times.

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