Profiles arrive on Chromecast with Google TV, so what's their purpose?  |  Smart TV

Media player update started appearing Chromecast con Google TV. Apart from the usual improvements in stability and speed, an ideal new function has been added to improve the use of the whole family: creating personal profiles.

This feature, which was highly anticipated by users due to the way it allows you to customize the device, is now a reality. In case you do not have the interview ModernizationThe normal thing is that if you do a manual search – and as long as you have an Internet connection – the new version will be detected and installed. We recommend that you do this, as you will not have any performance issues.

Very positive improvement in Chromecast

Something you need to be clear about is that the form that contains only Google TV operating system I was able to use the option to use profiles. Previous versions of the launcher did not have the ability to take advantage of this feature. The truth is that this functionality, which was announced last year, finally has a wide enough spread to be a new functionality in itself in the addon we are talking about.

The benefits of having this new option in Chromecasts are very interesting. First of all, each family member can have one, which means that the content is received while consuming the content. Recommendations Character. But, in addition, you can configure a file user interface from the user That’s it adaptation To the tastes of each user, both in visualization and in the applications that have been marked.

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Smart Life

Even follow-up lists become more useful for each person or the possibilities of recommending in Searches They are exactly the people you need, not the one with a jumble of information from everyone in the house.

Very easy to create profiles

This is something Google has worked on excellently, where you simply have to access the initial screen of the Chromecast and access the open profile picture. At that moment, you will see that there is an icon with the “+” symbol, which is the symbol that should be used to create a new one. Come on, easier, impossible.

From that moment, when the launcher starts or directly from the initial screen of the user interface, it will be possible to access the new profile in the Google TV operating system. So, simply using a file remote control You can have this. A good option, for sure, that you use constantly if you try it.


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