Descarga de Patch two halves of 'Flight Simulator'

If the size can be converted to Byte From its initial download of ‘Flight Simulator 2020’, it will definitely come close to the weight of a large passenger plane. With a staggering 170GB size, Microsoft’s game installation package has been cut in half after a recently released patch. In the update notes for Sim Update 4 (patch, the developers mentioned that the new performance improvements reduce the size of the base game to 83GB.

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It’s still big, but it’s a very welcome reduction, especially for those without high-speed internet plans. In any case, Flight Simulator 2020 still requires a lot of available space to install, as the game requires at least 150 GB, according to Microsoft specifications.

The patch also brings other improvements in terms of navigation, collision correction, graphic adjustments, technical improvements such as stabilization of some aircraft models, etc. Full update details can be found. Here.

the game

The new “Flight Simulator” for PC was released in August 2020, and is available on Steam and the Microsoft Store, and will soon also be available on Xbox Series X / S consoles. The current version of the flight simulator, which uses satellite data, is impressive. Its high level of realism and proportions.

It is possible to fly to more than 37 airports, fly over 1.5 million buildings and get a glimpse of true detail of landscapes in millions of cities. The game also contains weather updates provided in real time and scrolling to play Changes and fluctuations in temperature, wind direction and speed, among other meteorological events, such as rain, tornadoes, etc.

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