They're designing a microchip under the skin that's used to store a Covid passport

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28/12/2021, 11:03 PM

Drafting. – In Sweden, a country at the forefront of subcutaneous microchips, has developed a ‘bioglass’ wafer implant, which can be used to store a Covid-19 passport directly under the skin.

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Implants are a versatile technology that can be used for many different things, and at this time it is very convenient to have a Covid passport always available on the implant,” said a statement.

This technology was developed by the Swedish company Dsruptive SubdermalsAnd it could become a way to always carry our Covid passport under the skin, although the company itself stresses that the implant technology isn’t just used to house this kind of information.

Hannes Schegblad, CEO of Dsruptive Subdermals, explained that my Covid passport is on the chip, and the reason is that I’ve always wanted to access it.

The Implantable Microelectronics Company, which developed this innovation for humans, It includes technology, business, service design, communications, and medical aspects.

Although there is no public data on this practice, thousands of Swedes have implanted this electronic device in recent years Under the skin to replace keys, business cards and train tickets And in some cases, your vaccination certificate.

For the device itself, 12mm wafer At a length (mm) and 2 in width, it has a dedicated panel and NFC antenna encased in “bioglass”, a recently patented material that does not cause adaptation problems when placed under the skin.

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For anyone considering getting an implant slide to stick their immunization passport on, It will retail for $113, when they go on sale.

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He remembers that the chips “do not have a battery and can’t transmit signals on their own, they can’t tell where you are and are only activated by connecting to a smartphone,” ensuring that he advocates their exclusively voluntary use and that if someone tries to do so compulsively, he’s objecting.


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