Listen to his album Sale Môme Final Edition with Tayc, Zed... [Sons]

nero left dirty kid Final Edition on Friday, July 16th. There are 14 songs and many guests there, including Le Rat Luciano, Zed, Stavo, and even Tayc.

always so abundant, Nero came back with The latest version of dirty kid. A new album in which we find 14 titles, among which there are many collaborations, including Le Rat Luciano in the song dirty kidThe duo of Zed and Stavo from 13 Block In If you see me Also take a look at the song slaughterer. sines, the artist who signed to NIR’s Ambition Music label, is also on two tracks: Strength, weakness and the white lion. from their side, Nahr And Bagwell delivers each individually, deliberately respectively 50 cents And the 9327ZE. So it’s a project rich in guests, probably in the classics, which I attribute to him through his Instagram stories. In particular, he spoke affectionately about the title the White Liongifted to his autistic son:This title is dedicated to my only son…but above all, it is a message to all parents with autism. Definitely the only title I hesitated to release, too painful for me…Then he made a very strange revelation about the last track on the album, forever, Declaring: “One of the best titles in my career to finish this beautiful storyWas Nero tacitly declaring the end of his career, or was he simply referring to this latest project? Doubt swirled …

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Already 2 project this year

As a reminder, Nero released his first album titled dirty kid During the month of July 2020, in which we found significantly James. After that, he decided to embark on a major project at the beginning of 2021, leaving A series of 9 EP’s of 5 tracks – also named dirty kid Average of one writing per month. The first 2 was created in February and March, an opportunity to discover cooperation with PLK Certainly son 2And side by side soolking Certainly amiga. Unfortunately, Blois’ rapper was finally unable to keep his commitments to the rest of his EP series, which is why he’s chosen to reveal this definitive version now. A project we invite you to discover without further delay below!

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Nero – Sale Môme Latest Version :


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