Booba: le rappeur s’attaque encore à Sinik et la Sexion d’Assaut !

Booba is more active than ever on the web, he just knocked out two of his opponents. Sinik and Sexion d’Assaut on the carpet.

Hit Bubba again! On social networks, the rapper just attacked Sinik and Sexion d’Assaut. Posts that should make his opponents interact. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Bubba is angry with reality TV nominees

Many of you are still following Bubba’s news. And for good reason. More active than ever on social networks, the rapper continues to share his daily life with his community. to the delight of his fans.

Photos, videos and stories. Luna and Omar’s father suffers from an explosion. But if he loves to talk about his projects and family, he also uses Instagram and Twitter to filter his accounts.

Recently, the title performer Mona Lisa He couldn’t contain his anger. Angry at pictures of an attack in the apartment of a reality TV candidate in Dubai, the artist did not hesitate to speak.

In fact, a young woman was assaulted during one evening at Dylan Terry’s home. In the video posted on the web, we see Hicham behaving rudely with a guest.

While the latter is aggressive, the one who has Benjamin faced Samat in the ringAhmed and Marvin laughed at the situation. A behavior that did not please Bubba very much.

On Twitter, B2O then launched: “It really is a nice bunch of bugs. They feel like everything is allowed in Dubai. I hope this girl gets the justice she deserves.”

To follow up: “No matter what the disagreement is, you should never treat a woman this way. Strength for Daron, he should be in Vegeta 8.0.”

through his message So Bubba condemns the position of the candidates. A few days after giving his opinion on the matter, the Duke attacked another opponent. MCE TV tells you more!

Sinik and Sexion d’Assaut the new targets of the Duke

no longer a secret, James and Bubba are not best friends From the world. The rapper just sent a new tackle to his rival in a thrilling storyline.

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Actually, Sexion D’Assaut is anticipating her big comeback on stage. And the least we can say is that he doesn’t seem to please Cope, who hasn’t hesitated to make fun of his concerts.

To do this, he then selected the worst tweets related to the event. Happened, apparently, not unanimously.

Besides, that’s not all! Bubba also took the opportunity to Take out a video of James’ wife. The footage we see explodes in the outfit that the Duke seems to be finding Inappropriate in light of their religion.

Finally, the artist also wanted to attack Sinik. Share the title of an article announcing the end of the rapper’s career. But also someone else explains that the Duke’s party at the Stade de France is all sold out.

He added in the comment: over time« . In other words, we can only judge the best over time. Meditation…


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