After the defeat he suffered before Guatemala for the fourth round of the CONCACAF Nations League, Technical The Dominican Republic has commended Spain’s Inaki Pilla for the disastrous arbitration actions of Mexico’s Aduna Escobar. y critical Stadium Square dOroteo Guamuch Flores, who referred to It was a field in which sheep could eat.

“I think judging was pending, for me it was” He referred to the Mexican Escobar, who with his assistant Ibrahim Martinez canceled a clear goal against Guatemala and stopped scoring a penalty kick against the Dominicans, which added to the critical errors throughout the match.

On the authority of Al-Miswar 5, he said: “The stadium deserves a place where sheep eat grass, it’s a pity, but we didn’t lose because of the stadium, we have some problems with injuries, if we want to improve the sport, seeing this is very sad, seeing a history like Guatemala with a garden like this makes me sad”, The Spanish coach said.

In addition, before the inferiority of his team and with what he showed against Guatemala, he would have lost in any field.

The Spanish coach from the Dominican Republic attacked the state of Doroteo Guamus. (Free press photo: Carlos Hernandez)

“It saddens me to play a tournament like this and see that, but we were inferior, we didn’t lose because of the condition of the stadium, in a good stadium we would lose too”Rule.

The Dominican Republic added its second loss in the competition and remains in third place with four points and still has the sporting potential to fight for the top spots.


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