Courteney Cox talks about her cosmetic touches

actress Courteney Cox In an interview with The Times, he talked about the cosmetic touches he’s made, in search of a younger look.

In the conversation, the celebrity admitted that some of the aesthetic procedures performed were not good.

“I didn’t realize it, shit, I looked really weird with the twitch and doing all these things to my face that I was never supposed to do,” the Friends star said. This was reported by El País de España.

He also said that he learned about the excesses of surgeries and that he will talk about them through his account on Instagram, explaining some pictures of him in which the change appears.

I would like to put the following message: “The day you realize what your friends are talking about.” I imagine people will talk about me. But there was a time when I said, “I have to stop. This is crazy.”

Courteney Cox and her surgeries

He blamed the press for the pressure they put on artists as they grew up.

“The examination is intense, but I don’t know if it is more severe than the pressure I put on myself,” he said.

This interview was given by Courteney Cox in connection with the Shining Vale premiere. In this production, you play a thriller writer who is going through a vitality crisis, battling depression and moving from New York to the country.

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