Adamari López.

Adamari Lopez Watched from an event to present the singer’s new movie Camila Cabello, especially that little Alaa You can share a few moments with your favorite star.

The spoiled TV presenter of Al-Sabah Al-ShaabiToday“He did not miss the opportunity to share a wonderful moment with his daughter, it led him to the premiere of the new movie”CinderellaWhere the famous Camila Cabello appears for the first time on the big screen.

Through her Instagram stories, fans were moved to see the girl’s affectionate reaction to seeing the former member of “Fifth HarmonyWhere she won the hearts of millions, including the hearts of the daughter of Puerto Rico.

In the video, you can see that they are practically in the front row, carefully listening to the words of welcome from the hero, who is dressed similarly to the one she wore during the movie.

Mother and daughter shined on the red carpet, Alaïa is indeed a pro and was spotted in a beautiful gown with a tutu skirt, swept the Puerto Rican in a fitted dress with a colorful print and delicate straps with whomever showcased her slim figure. Without a doubt an unforgettable night.

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