The sonorous heart behind Encanto

Lin Manuel MirandaHe is a Latin American reviewer in both Hollywood and Broadway and the recipient of three awards Tony, Three Grammys, Pulitzer Prize It was even nominated for an award Oscar 2017let him know Disney His interest in one day working in a Latin-themed production. His wish was fulfilled thanks to Encanto, a film in which he participated, in addition to composing the eight themes of the film, as a screenwriter and helped define the characters of the film, through the music, so that everyone involved in the production had an idea of ​​the characteristics of each one.

The call came when I was working at Moana and I told them that if they were going to make a movie with Latin themes, they should call me. I practically raised my hand and told them I wanted to be there from the start, so getting text credit is more for being there from the start. This was one of the projects that I was involved in a lot, because for example, the theme that opened the movie in which the 12 members of the Madrigal family are introduced, I wrote it before production started, well, all the sections needed to understand who he is, who is his cousin or Uncle and what are their characteristics,” he explained in an interview with Excelsior Lin-Manuel Miranda, who recently appeared as a filmmaker with Tick, tick… Bubble!

As Disney Studios did with Coco four years ago, when addressing a Mexican tradition like Day of the Dead, they in Encanto attempted to highlight Colombian customs and music through the Madrigal family, a clan of 12. Except for Mirabel, the protagonist, he has special gifts. In order to bring all the Colombian flavor to the screen, Lin-Manuel Miranda, along with directors Byron Howard, Jared Bush and Chariz Castro traveled to Colombia to enjoy the culture and music.

I went to Colombia as a student to learn what I don’t know as a musician, to learn about Colombian culture, rhythms and instruments. “I loved traveling there to enjoy it all, to learn, to be able to write songs and tell stories,” said Lin-Manuel Miranda, who traveled to Colombia with his father Luis Miranda, a political strategist and US defense advisor.

Encanto opens this weekend in our country, with Stephanie Beatriz, John Leguizamo, Wilmer Valderrama, Maria Cecilia Botero, Ange Cepeda, Diane Guerrero and Mauro Castillo on the voice cast. In addition to these voices, you will be able to hear the Colombian singer Carlos Vives who has been chosen to translate the song from Colombia, My Magic.

I don’t know if this is my favourite, but what I enjoyed the most was the vallenato that I wrote for Carlos Vives. I must admit that when I was writing it I hadn’t listened to anything other than Carlos Vives. For a whole week I listened to his Vallenato music, his great music and felt happy all day. I knew this song was going to be part of a party and I knew it was going to be a love song for Columbia. Carlos took the song, owned it, and recorded it with his music,” Lin Manuel, who will soon turn 42, shared on January 16.

The rest of the songs created by Puerto Rican Lin-Manuel Miranda are: The Madrigal Family, Deb, Don’t Talk About Bruno, Inspiration, Two Caterpillars, Only You and a Magical Gift, Theme that has a special story for Miranda.

That was the hardest song and when I finished it, Stephanie Beatriz (Mirabelle) was eight and a half months pregnant and sang it with a baby inside. I’ll never forget it because the song is called Waiting on a Miracle (original name in English) and she was waiting for a miracle to happen with this kid, so it was a very special moment,” Puerto Rican said.

Encanto focuses on the Madrigal family, especially Mirabel, a young girl who, although happy, feels pressured because the rest of the family has a special gift and she doesn’t. When the magic that surrounds the house they live in begins to disappear, Mirabell begins to be their only hope.

Mirabell doesn’t have any gifts like the rest of her family, which is something I identified, as there were times in my life when I felt like I wasn’t fit, or that I wasn’t up to par, or that I wasn’t talented enough. I had what’s called Impostor Syndrome, and yet, as I matured, I learned to trust myself, I learned to see that I had something to give, that I was special and I thought people would sympathize with that,” Argentinian Stephanie Beatriz, who lent her voice to Mirabel.

Encanto Principal Jared Bush spoke about the importance of Encanto’s key message.

We live in a world where social networks always show us perfection, everything looks good and people seem happy or successful. It makes us wonder what’s wrong with us so that we can’t be like them. So I think this movie helps with that, because it allows us to see that everyone, absolutely everyone, is fighting against something, no matter what they look like and that we all, after all, have something that makes us special. I hope this message will reach many people, and that the message will be useful in the world we live in today,” he told Excelsior Jared Bush.

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