Delphine Weisbeezer breaks down in tears and clamor at Touche pas à mon poste

This Thursday, April 7th at Don’t touch my TVDelphine Whisperser broke down in tears when she reacted to a video clip showing police dropping a dangerous dog.

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On Wednesday, April 6th, police in the Champaign-sur-Marne region intervened after a teenage girl victim of a dog bite asked for help. Upon arrival, the police witnessed the assault of another young woman by an American employee. It is enough to get them to shoot the animal with six bullets, as evidenced by various videos filmed by local residents and broadcast on social media. Especially shocking photos of Cyril Hanouna and historians Don’t touch my TV It’s back this Thursday, April 7. If her colleagues all felt the police had the right reaction, Delphine Weisspizer, a passionate animal rights advocate, couldn’t contain her emotions.

Delphine Wespiser in tears on the set of TPMP

Deeply affected by the fate of the dog, dolphin whisperser Send a strong message. “Everyone hears it: Dogs aren’t bad. They are mean when people give them instructions. In France, when you have a dog, you must learn the basics of what to do with a dogShe said before recounting a personal experience.I had a case of my neighbors who took a dog class…which was an evil dog. He always wears a muzzle, wants everyone to eat… In six months, I’ve made this dog look great“, revealed the former Miss France, on the verge of tears. And to continue:”In the end, the people broke up, the mistress showed no sign of life and the husband no longer wanted the dog. I was the one who brought him back to SPA.

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The dog is naughty because of the human

The columnist was overwhelmed with emotion, and then he let out a big shriek. “Me, it pains me that people don’t learn to teach their dog and say their dog is mean. The dog is naughty because of the human“She was angry at the one who had already sent a touching message in front of a Hunter. Unfortunately, she couldn’t count on affectionate Cyril to console her.”We know you love animals a lot but sorry, we are not in 30 million friends here. You tell us that if there are evil dogs, it is because there are men who take poor care of them. But we don’t even know who the master of this dog is. I know it hurts to see this dog being executed but I’d like us to react to the sceneHe replied clearly annoyed.

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