Celine Dion: Is the singer immune to Covid?

In October 2021, Celine Dion She announced that she was suffering from severe muscle spasms that prevented her from returning to the theater, where she was expected to stay in Cairo Resort World from Vegas. In the aftermath, it was rumored that she was paralyzed and unable to walk. His long absence from the media only strengthened the machine fake news until I posted it Paris Match Pictures show her on her legs but not in the best shape. Enough to ask a question among some fans: Is she immune to Covid?

The answer is not conclusive, Celine Dion did not broadcast pictures of her with a syringe in her arm, unlike thousands of people on social media, but Here is Radio Canada Provides valuable answers. Actually, translator My heart will go on He has made statements that go in the direction of clear support for vaccination. “I encourage everyone to get vaccinated because I believe it is now the only way to rebuild immunity around the worldShe said in May 2021, in a virtual press conference with several media outlets. The 53-year-old singer was well aware that the post-pandemic world would not be the same and she agreed.Me, I wouldn’t see humanity the same way. Those hugs, those kisses, those handshakes. Humanity, we won’t take it for grantedQuebec star added.

Celine Dion, who is surrounded by her clan at her Las Vegas home where she lives fortified, has also canceled the rest of the North American appointments from her world tour. Courage World Tour After several delays due to the health crisis. The star should still, in theory, resume the European part of this tour from 25 May 2022 in Birmingham in the UK. But nothing indicates that it will be able to guarantee its representations. “I really wish I was ready to get back on stage now, but I find I have to be patient and follow my doctors’ recommendations. Our shows require a lot of planning and preparation, so we have to make decisions today that will affect plans two months from now.She said in a new press release on January 15.

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