George Clooney turned down $35 million for a day's work

George Clooney turned down $35 million for a day’s work. why? To his huge bank account of conscience and his wife.

It turns out that George Clooney – who earned more than $30 million from his Nespresso campaign and possibly $1 billion after selling his tequila company Casamigos – was asked if he ever thought “You know what?”? I think I already have enough money. And the representative replied:

Well yeah. I was offered $35 million for a day’s work for a commercial airline, but I told Amal (Cloney, a human rights lawyer who married in 2014) and we decided it wasn’t worth it. I’ve been attached to a country that is sometimes in doubt, though From being an ally, and from my point of view, “Well, if you take a minute out of my sleep, it’s not worth it.”

Well, that’s how he would be a millionaire, although there are those who say he could have given that money … but … the money they give never reaches those who really need it. Did not matter! Remember the time you gave your friends a million dollars? Eyessess…


George Clooney turned down $35 million for a day’s work.

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