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Marc Anthony y Nadia Ferrara It looks like they are on their honeymoon and they are not married yet. They constantly share photos together, showing their millions of followers the good times they are having. When the engagement was announced, many were impressed by the amazing ring he gave her Ex-husband of Dianara TorresBut now others have noticed pretty bags that complement their looks.

The The 23-year-old model is from Paraguay. Her passion for fashion and modeling started at an early age, when in 2015 she was crowned “Miss Universe Teen Paraguay”. Six years later, He participated in the major tournaments, leaving his country in the final round of the Miss Universe contest..

Miss who got engaged Recently with singer who was previously married to Jennifer Lopez and Shannon de Lima, She usually shares her beautiful outfits on her Instagram account. By the number of photos she has posted, some of her 2 million followers have been able to notice that she has an interesting collection of handbags.

How much do NADIA ferreira bags cost?

Currently, Nadia Ferreira travels across Europe with Marc Anthonyso we were able to see it in front of very famous tourist places.

1. Hermes

In one of the photos she shared, she was shown sitting on a wall with the Eiffel Tower in the background. One of the items that stood out was the bag, which may be the Hermès brand. The form will be AKelly 28 celers“Bleu Brume.” According to the Jane Finds page, the bag is valued at about 24 thousand dollars.

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Nadia Ferreira uses her Kelly 28 Sellier pocket in Hermès’ Bleu Brume (Photo: Nadia Ferreira/Instagram)

Apparently, Nadia Ferreira is a fan of Hermes because She has another similar bag, but with a more intense blue color. On this occasion, her value is estimated at more than 33,000 dollars, according to “Farfetch”.

2. Dior

But the luxury brands don’t stop there, as the model also appeared alongside a sand-colored bag that contrasted with her blue dress. It’s about “Lady Dior “Medium” $2,830.

Although a bag can be a practical thing for many where you can store everything you need, no one uses it more as a fashion accessory. Therefore, he plays with different volumes and likes to use the smallest versions. In one of his publications, a white shirt dress appeared, and to complete it he used “Lady Dior”, but this time briefly. According to Farfetch, it Available for $5500.

Nadia Ferreira wears a mini "Lady Dior" Bone color worth over $5,000 (Photo: Nadia Ferreira/Instagram)
Nadia Ferreira wears a bone-coloured Lady Dior mini, valued at over $5,000 (Photo: Nadia Ferreira/Instagram)

3. Fendi

On another occasion, Nadia wanted to wear a monochromatic look by combining different shades of pink. That’s why, to accompany her satin suit, she used Mini De Fendi “Tote Sunshine”. This small bag is priced at 1954 USD.

4. YSL

If we go back in time, we will remember her times as a contestant in “Miss Universe 2021”. On one occasion, he wore an elegant black suit accompanied by A YSL . Handbagno cost 600 dollars.

Although she’s not shy about dressing casual when necessary, as was seen on her trip to Disney, there’s no doubt that the model adopts this more than the envy.


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