The International Atomic Energy Agency has disappeared 2.5 tons of uranium from a site in Libya – the past hour

(ANSA) – VIENNA, March 16 – About 2.5 tons of natural uranium have disappeared from a site in Libya, according to a statement sent to AFP. He said that inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency “discovered during a visit on Tuesday that 10 containers containing about 2.5 tons of natural uranium in the form of uranium concentrate (yellow cake) were no longer located in the place where the authorities said they were.” Director General Rafael Grossi wrote in a letter of submission to Member States.

The International Atomic Energy Agency specifies that it will conduct “additional” examinations “to clarify the circumstances of the disappearance of nuclear materials and their current location.” No details are provided on the respective website.

Libya abandoned its nuclear weapons development program in 2003, during the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

Since the fall of the former colonel in 2011, the country has plunged into a political and military crisis. Two governments are currently vying for power, one in Tripoli which is recognized by the United Nations, and the other based in Cyrenaica and supported by General Khalifa Haftar. (handle).

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