Sardinia is missing from the EU map of the Swedish presidency

It is not considered that it had, in prehistoric times, such an advanced civilization as the Nuragic civilization. Nor that an enlightened woman, before 1400, endowed the island with the unforgettable Carta de Lugowhen the word law had yet to be entered into the common lexicon of peoples, especially the northern countries.

Asking to know Eleonora d’Arborea in Stockholm is too much.

The fact is that in the booth of the seat of the leaders of the Swedish presidency of the European Union there is a giant map of Europe, but MAlso detail: Sardinia.

The second largest Italian island has been “forgotten”, while Corsica, although smaller, looks disproportionately on the map.

The stylized map, made of living moss, is displayed in the hallway of the conference room where ministers and delegations from all over Europe met in the Swedish Presidency’s classroom in Arlanda near Stockholm.

In addition to Sardinia, there are also the islands of Menorca, Ibiza, Öland, a small island off the coast of Kalmar in southeastern Sweden, and other smaller islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s cheap to fix. After all, Sardinia on the map also fits well.

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