Rai license fee: 2022 could be the last year with the tax paid directly on the electric bill. This is in connection with the provisions of the recent European Commission directive, which obligated our country to abolish the tax on electricity costs from January 1, 2023. Let’s see in detail the possible news.

From January 1, 2023 The Rai license fee could Checkout the bill Electricity.

This is the most likely scenario, given that the European Commission ordered our country To eliminate costs related to electricity regarding to Pay TV service tax.

Let’s see all the details in the following article.

Rai license fees: what will happen next year?

The opinion

In all likelihood, the Rai license fees will be deducted from the invoice From Italian families to leave From January 1, 2023. As established and communicated by the EU Commission, in fact, Italy will have to take action as soon as possible Elimination of all charges not related to electricity supply from the bill:

“The implementation decision of the European Council on the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in Italy includes measures aimed at ensuring the spread of competition in the retail electricity markets.”

In 2023, the Rai license fee could return to being a self-administered tax, with Old post with reason It is paid through various methods and within the applicable terms. But as for the official situation, we have to wait for the actions of the new Meloni government.

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Out-of-the-bill opinion fees: many doubts

Canon Ray 1217

The RAI fee in invoice Introduced by the Renzi government in 2016 with the aim of Fighting tax evasion From tax: Payment is currently made in 10 monthly installments, spread between January and October, for a total of €90 from tax.

From 2023, as mentioned, fees will come off the bill, forcing the government to find new ways to collect taxes without increasing tax evasion again.

However, there is no shortage of Confusion: Al Rai has already expressed his doubts through CEO Carlo Fortes, who drew attention to the issue related to the possible reduction of the investments of the television broadcaster in the event of a lack of guarantee of resources.


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