It is by far one of the most relevant topics of the past year and the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which took place last week, between Wednesday and Friday, was proof of that. When Facebook decided to change the company’s name to Meta, it was just a prelude to what was to come. The world of the metaverse, which blends reality with digital and where users can interact with different tools and media, is on the rise and different companies are gradually on the rise.

The Meta thing can be read as a declaration of principles, because they already had a path that started with Oculus Quest 2, but they had to look away in the midst of a crisis of confidence on the part of users. Anyway, it’s been flagged before and after, and it was only a matter of time for different companies to replicate the one that Mark Zuckerberg founded.

Riot Games has done its work with “Fortnite” and company heads have confirmed that they will invest large sums of money in developing their ecosystem, etc., as Niantic – the company behind “Pokémon Go” – has launched a toolkit for those interested parties that can offer its own applications to “bring the metaverse into the real world”.

At CES 2022, for example, Samsung officially opened its doors Samsung 837X, a virtual world created and hosted by the company decentralization, a decentralized virtual reality platform powered by the blockchain and consisting of a certain number of “virtual parcels”. The South Korean ownership is one of the largest acquisitions of that metaverse. Using avatars, users can tour various locations, such as the Communication Theater, where users can read news about the company at CES; Sustainability Forest, where they can walk through forests with hundreds of trees and go on missions to get their NFT.

In addition to this “temporary experience,” during the first day of the meeting, the same company featured “My Home,” a special event they had sparked together. zebito, an application where users can create avatars and emojis. With this tool, users can use their avatars to tour the house, where Samsung products and other items are on display, bringing them a little closer to an immersive experience. Even more confusing, at least for some, is that the app’s recognized brands sell clothes to decorate avatars,

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Wonderman Thompson, a consulting agency, debuted its own metaverse. Created jointly with Odyssey, its platform allows users, after creating an avatar, to go through different rooms and meet users in them. The goal of creating your own space is to help customers and other brands understand the capabilities of these new tools and how they can be useful to them.

But the projects of Samsung and Wunderman Thompson are nothing but “adventures”, compared to the one he presented. InWith Corp. The American showed her a wearable that would revolutionize the world of gadgets, with a contact lens designed specifically for metaverses, which could mean that if used, users could see things that weren’t physically displayed to their eyes. Compared to all other solutions, such as mobile phones – in the case of “Pokémon Go!” – or virtual reality (VR) glasses – like the Oculus Quest 2-, contact lenses would be a lighter, easier-to-carry alternative.

And a little beyond the purely digital experience was perfect company. The Taiwanese have installed a unit at CES, where attendees can enter and try on clothes using augmented reality (AR) technology and even see how certain makeup or jewelry looks. But not only that, because they can also talk through the same system with product representatives. These types of devices are evidence that the metaverse as we understand it goes beyond the screen or virtual avatars, but rather blends the digital into the same real world.

in case if Hyundai, South Korea has specified that it will use robots in the metaverse and has described its incursion as “metamobility”. Essentially, the company’s head said, they want the changes made in the metaverse to be reflected in reality. All with the help of robots and the generation of digital twins. Since the company acquired Boston Dynamics, invested heavily in the field of robotics. Under the name ‘Expanding Human Reach’ – ‘Expanding Human Reach’, in English-, the company endeavors to contribute to the recognition of spaces to which men may not, for any reason, have access.

InWitch Corp revealed its metaverse contact lens project at CES 2022.

In fact, they’ve gone a little beyond the metaverse, and in the data released by the company, they show that in the future, due to these surface scans, it will be possible to make virtual twins of the same houses, and by having a copy of the house in the metaverse, they can Implement actions in the real world by performing them in the digital world.

For metaverses, it is estimated that we are still a long way from being able to build one great platform, and these different platforms will coexist for several years. Most likely, in the future, users will be able to switch from one to another when large companies decide to agree. In any case, users still have to prepare for the new security regulations and figure out how they can protect their most private information – even when it comes to digital twins from their homes.

Namely, companies also discover the purpose for which they will use these tools. Zuckerberg suggested, at the time, that users could meet up with friends – which could already be done in Horizon – or attend concerts or events. Indeed, with Oculus Quest 2, a series of concerts has already been shown, but without the success that it should have achieved. Some, like David Guetta, were just a video clip projected above the Louvre Abu Dhabi, while Young Thug and The Chainsmoker only showed a 180-degree view of the live recordings. None of them exceeded a million viewers.

On the other hand, the ones organized by “Fortnite” that were shown with the same artists adapted for avatars in the video game succeeded. The version made by Travis Scott has surpassed 12 million copies in the game itself and the YouTube video, which shows that users, after all, are more than watching specific content, wanting an experience tied to the medium they are using. In this case metaverses.

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It is clear that video games will use this tool aggressively, but the sectors that can benefit are different. the Virtual RealityFor example, it can be improved with the metaverse. applied to the world of work Or even for the means of production, the same company collaborators can operate machines or complete certain tasks through their digital twins, or drive with remote controls. Even Distance working This opportunity will move you to create virtual meeting spaces, for example.

the educationGiven that health constraints imposed by the progression of COVID-19 have limited the possibility of social gatherings or teaching in relatively small spaces, the metaverse can facilitate the work of learning and even contribute teachers with more fun resources.

Through avatars, users can interact with others in the metaverse and thus be able to replicate some of the experiences in the real world. Meta, led by Mark Zuckerberg, intends to focus much of its investment this year on developing tools to achieve beyond.

the Cryptocurrency, which seems to be a very specialized thing nowadays, will become my daily bread, because with these digital platforms you will be more than just empowering. And the list goes on and on, wandering the world of entertainment, getting to the best control of the means of production or generation of immersive reality spaces.

As long as these are areas that can help improve your performance, the metaverse could mean something positive. Various officials, including John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, emphasized that true meaning should strive not to separate human from physical reality, so augmented reality through various mobile devices could be a good approach. Same, in this case, the contact lenses provided by InWith Corp.

But even though it seems like everything has already been said, and even Elon Musk has suggested that it will take years to reach the metaverse, it’s still not entirely clear what that term means. There are metavers from a computer screen, but also those that can be seen in AR on a smartphone camera, among other things. What is clear is that the human race is striving to conquer the digital world and move forward a few steps, and the first stones have already been laid on this path.


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