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The Volkswagen Group is currently in the spotlight for several recalls. A news has just been confirmed by the KBA in Germany: more than 100,000 hybrid cars of the Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW brands will be recalled worldwide due to the risk of fire.

PHEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) are on the rise. Unfortunately, it is also affected by defects that must be corrected. A large number of Volkswagen Group vehicles present a fire hazard due to the lack of insulation of the high-voltage battery used to supply electric current to the combustion engine.

The battery can become hot during use and may cause a fire if the insulation is not done properly. So far, 16 cases have been reported in Germany.

According to the KBA, the problem is caused by faulty valves in the drive system of plug-in hybrid vehicles. This fuse can fail in the event of a sudden power surge, which could cause the high voltage battery to ignite. These vehicles also have an ill-fitting hood that can lead to contact with hot parts and subsequent fire.

On the Volkswagen side, 42,300 Golf, Passat, Tiguan and Arteon owners around the world will be contacted. Audi will recall 24,400 vehicles, while Seat and Skoda are also affected, with an unknown number of models affected.

To fix the problem, owners will be advised to go to an authorized workshop to install an insulating mat in the battery replacement box. The callback number was not disclosed.

Photos: Audi / VW


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