French medical intelligence service startup Sanofi has launched artificial intelligence to diagnose rare diseases

On February 24, 2022, the French Medical Intelligence Service startup and Sanofi presented AccelRare, an iA project to help diagnose rare diseases. In the testing phase, the system should be deployed by the end of 2022.

In the face of rare diseases (less than 1 in 2,000 patients), medical fugue – the time it takes to diagnose a disease sometimes too long – often constitutes a significant loss of patients’ chances. Therefore, diagnosing the rare disease early enough is a real public health problem.

To meet this need, Sanofi It has partnered with the fledgling French medical intelligence service to develop the AccelRare project, Submitted on February 24, 2022which aims to develop a machine learning process for diagnosing rare diseases.

With AccelRare, Sanofi and Medical Intelligence Service want to help doctors diagnose rare diseases

In development, AccelRare is based on MedVir, developed by the Medical Intelligence Service, a pre-diagnostic tool that supports the symptoms of 750 diseases to help clinicians make their decisions. One of its primary roles is to prevent medical personnel from forgetting the option of a diagnosis and missing out on a potentially serious illness.

AccelRare, which is due to be available to healthcare professionals at the end of 2022, adapts this principle to 270 rare diseases. The principle is simple: the doctor enters a list of symptoms, and AccelRare gives him a list of rare diseases associated with these symptoms, along with information about these diseases and contact details for the nearest expert center.

In the testing phase

Here again, the goal is not for the AI ​​to decide for the clinician, simply to point it to him in agreement between the patient’s clinical condition and a pathology he might not have thought of.

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At the moment, AccelRare is in the testing phase with experts, based on real clinical cases, in order to adapt.” Weighting and selectivity Of the various symptoms reported, select Sanofi and Medical Intelligence Service.


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