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That’s why Apple’s cult designer left the ship

That's why Apple's cult designer left the ship
Jony Ive was largely responsible for Apple’s design. (Image source: Giga)

With Jony Ive, Apple lost its most important designer in 2019. A new book now sheds light on why the British designer is finally leaving Apple. CEO Tim Cook plays a central role in this.


Apple Watch dispute: Jony Ive leaves Apple

Jony Ive is considered the most important and influential designer who has ever worked at Apple. His departure from the group in 2019 was a real blow to Apple. So far it was only possible to speculate about Eve’s motives, since he did not comment on them himself. Now, with “After Steve”, there’s a book that shows it New details revealed. An excerpt from the book can be read in the New York Times prior to its publication.

According to the author, it has Eve and Cook fight over the first Apple Watch Grant. I wanted flashy marketing about presenting the smartwatch as a ‘fashion accessory’, but Cook has been against it for a long time. Among other things, Eve was said to have requested a $25 million tent with a display on the catwalk, which Cook refused. The Apple CEO preferred a more traditional introduction that focuses entirely on the capabilities of the Apple Watch.

Although Eve was eventually able to win over his idea, the bond between him and Cook was severed. It is said that I spoke of a “expensive victory”. According to him, this was the first moment I felt unsupported by Apple. Since the relationship with Cook didn’t improve later, she finally left the group in 2019 (Source: The New York Times).

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Jony Ive was also responsible for designing Apple Park:

Jony Ive: Designs from iMac to iPad

I’ve been with Apple since 1992 for nearly three decades Largely responsible for the design of Apple products. Among other things, he is seen as the innovator of the colorful iMac design and has proven himself with his designs for iPod, iPhone and iPad. Apple software design has also been one of his responsibilities since 2012.


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