All artifacts on the lost island in Ark Survival Evolved

Artifacts across different astronomy worlds: Survival Evolved features interesting decorative items to look out for. Each artifact emits a small amount of light, allowing players to find them quite easily. However, if players do not know what artifacts they are looking for, it can be a difficult task.

Hunter Artifact

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In the far northwest, players can find a hunter artifact in an underground cave system. This cave system will be full of insectivorous dinosaurs and small, shiny blue-green mushrooms. Enter from the north entrance into the cave system and take the first right. Follow this path and in each branch path turn right. Players will know they have reached it once they find the door almost completely closed. Crawl under this walled arch to reach the artifact through the path ahead. It is located at the exact coordinates of latitude 36.4 and longitude 16.

package artifact

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The following artifact is located slightly to the east of the Hunter artifact at 35.4 latitude and 32.2 longitude in another cave. Players can find this cave entrance by following the summary here. After entering the cave, make your way to the only arch inside. Follow the path of the bright green flowers and cross the waterfall deep inland. Stay left on this path, the tool will be on the right in a slightly elevated section once players cross the cobwebs.

smart artifact

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The entrance to the cave in which the clever artifact is hidden under the water. This area is located northeast of the former artifact in a small lake around 25.4 latitude and 43 longitude. After entering through the water entrance, players will find a dry path on the other side.

Continue to the right on this path and continue to take each of the arcades on the right. Players will enter an area with glossy, pink and lavender foliage-like foliage. After entering this area, players will need to take the first arc on the left and stay to the left. After the waterfall, turn right, then left almost immediately. Players will find this artifact in the center of Araneo’s nest.

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artifact fort

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A power artifact can be found in the cave system behind the middle waterfall in the long line of the Plateau Falls east of the previous cave system. Stick to the right when you first enter the cave, and go straight at the first intersection, then at the next. Take the next left, then the right after the bridge, then another left and right.

By following this path, players will be transported to a waterfall with many Carnotaurus. Once slipped into the waterfall pool, players will have to take an immediate right. Once you separate the track, turn left and then right. When it opens again, go right and jump to the plateau to reach this artifact. This will be at latitude 29.4 and longitude 54.7.

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Artifact of immunity

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This artifact can be found in a cave in the far northeast before entering the peninsula. Carefully descend into this dark cave with falling lava and giant purple crystals. Continue straight between the two main lava located near the entrance, then turn right near Magmasaur. When the path opens again, stay to the right across the path going up.

Near the lava pools on the right, players must use the grappling hook to pull themselves up to the cliff on the left wall. This is where the artifact is hidden, around latitude 24.2 and longitude 68.9.

Russian artifact

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South of the previous location, players can find the next cave around 55.7 latitude and 71 longitude. Follow the path down, then turn right to see the cave’s yawning basin and the large boat on the other side. Use the gladiator to cross the space. After the Onycs, enter the broken hull of the ship and stay left to cross the bridge to the other side.

Take the first bow on the left and stay on the right. In the second open area with giant orange mushrooms, stay on the left side of the cave and jump to cross the waterfall. Once players reach the other side of the center column, they will be able to see the artifact on the board protruding from the column.

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Heaven Lord Artifact

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This artifact is near the green center below the waterfall, at approximately 58.4 latitude and 57 longitude. At first, stay to the right, on the dry side of the path. Near the large, shiny orange crystals, jump to the riverside arch at the bottom left. After the gap is open, stay left. Players must find this artifact right after the Araneo Nest from the right arc.

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Artifact of sneaky

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Near the center of the southern region, players can find this cave system at 58.9 latitude and 47.4 longitude. Dive into the water to find the opening of the cave at the bottom of this lake. Use an underwater carrier to swim quickly in this area. Go down the path and take the only open road from here to the dry cave system.

Take the first arch on the right to the cave, as soon as it opens and take the hatch on the left. This leads to the ruins of the labyrinth. Make sure to avoid the pressure plates here as they will spawn several different types of monsters. Another thing that players should pay attention to are the small metal ports on the walls, which will fire sedative arrows. To stop them from shooting, hug the wall and go straight through the ports.

Continue straight through the ruins, until the path turns left, then take the first arch on the right. When the lane turns again, take a sharp turn to the right. Once it opens, turn left and go up the stairs. Go straight through the main door at the top of the stairs. Continue on this path and take the first open path on the left after the Arthroplueras. Stay straight, then go up another set of stairs. Continue in a straight line and follow the path until players reach the hole displayed on the left wall.

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To unlock this room, go to the room full of barrels right after that. Behind the barrels will be a brick switch hidden in the wall. This will open the wall between the two rooms, allowing access to the artifact.

Massive artifact

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This artifact can be found in the same ruined labyrinth as the last artifact. From this location at 57.8 latitude and 45.8 longitude, players can move to the next instrument. Head into the room across from the first barrel room. Open the red door with another wall button hidden between the barrels. Continue down the road and take the first arch on the left.

This room contains the artifact, but players must press the button on the shaft with the object leaning on it on the right side of the room to access the area.

predatory artifact

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This artifact can be found in an underwater shipwreck near rock pillars in the ocean in the extreme southwest at latitude 78.5 by 20.7 longitude. Players will need scuba gear and an axe to reach the ship’s hold.

Swim to the ocean floor here and enter the ship through a large hole near the front end. Players should be able to see the artifact glowing purple across the panels here. It is enough to pierce them with the ax to recover this artifact.

Artifact of wanton

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The last artifacts in a cave system can be found in the Desert Biome in the far southeast. This is another waterfall entrance at the bottom of the valley. Follow the flow and continue to the left. Once the path has veered completely, take the path to the right. After crossing the small fissure, the cave should open, revealing the artifact on a slope to the right. Just use pedestrians to get to the area quickly.

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