Record-breaking James Webb Telescope to be launched on December 24


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After a series of delays, the James Webb Space Telescope, the largest and most powerful ever, will be launched from Kourou (Guyana) on Friday, December 24.

The James Webb Telescope, which is 12 meters high, is the largest and most advanced ever sent into space. It is the result of three decades of collaboration between scientists around the world. Mark Vuitton, NASA Director of the James Webb Program, has worked on the telescope for 20 years. “Every time I look at it I am in awe, I really feel in awe of its beauty. It is very complex, and it can do many beautiful things. It was built on earth, but it will tell us everything we cannot do. Until now know the universe”Explains the world.

James Webb will be four times further away from the Moon, at Lagrange 2, 1.5 million km from Earth. At this precise location, the telescope can orbit the sun without moving away from our planet. It will be able, thanks to infrared technology, to track exoplanets, black holes and the first galaxies. “We know the universe is 12.5 billion years old. Before that, when everything formed, we had no idea. So it’s the members of our universe that we’ll be looking for.”Peter Jensen, former director of the James Webb Program at ESA (European Special Agency).


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