Purchased by Microsoft 10 years ago for an $8.5 billion check, Skype is at the forefront of the brand in terms of video conferencing applications. Unfortunately, times are changing, and Skype may no longer be popular.

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In fact, while the popular software is integrated into Windows 10, this will not be the case with Windows 11. The official confirmation came from our colleagues from the edge Who managed to get the secrets of a giant actor Redmond.

Skype is no longer an inbox app (pre-installed, note) on new devices with Windows 11. However, the software can still be redeemed for free via the Microsoft Store.

Skip Skype

It now appears that the app is out of use, as it will be replaced by Microsoft Teams. Thus Skype joins many popular applications that are no longer offered with Windows 11, such as OneNote, Paint 3D (which was very practical) or even 3D Viewer. However, putting that aside, we imagine the software’s days are now numbered, and it’ll soon be over alongside instant messaging legends like AOL Instant Messenger (AIM for Close Friends), or even MSN Messenger.

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