Windows 10, PUB seems to be featuring Bing.

Microsoft is behind a new notice in Windows 10 for the user to adopt Bing. This approach is seen as an advertisement. In addition, it arrives a few days after the publication of Edge 91, which was also distinguished by this search engine.

Windows 10 is again being used as a communication tool. to Reports Denying ad access in the operating system’s notification center. It highlights the advantages of using “Bing” as the default engine for the operating system. Its appearance is noted if Microsoft Edge is not the default but only browser. In some cases Bing has been replaced by another engine. The process shows that the user’s habits and choices are monitored and analyzed.

In many cases, the notification appears for no apparent reason. Apparently two different ads are shown. Someone is upgrading their News Feed (MSN) to the Bing homepage. The second takes advantage of the fact that Bing saves money in some countries. Microsoft Rewards functionality must be available.

Windows 10 and Microsoft with and avant Bing

Some users are annoyed because the notification can be taken as information that the update has been applied. It offers two options. It is possible to decline the suggestion or select “Change settings” to select Microsoft Edge with Bing as the default browser and search engine. At the moment we don’t know if this request can be denied permanently.

Microsoft Edge 91 et l’option “Show feature recommendations and workflows”

The good news is that there is a solution to turn off these notifications. To do this, you only need to modify one option in the advanced settings of the browser. The choice is located at this address

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Around him explains the giant

“When this setting is enabled, Microsoft Edge may display active messages recommending certain features and workflows based on your activities.”


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