New details about Pokémon UNITE have been revealed

The Pokémon Company International and the TiMi Studio Group have launched the first ever multiplayer battle strategy game from… announce Pokemonoh pokemon uniteReleased in July 2021 for consoles Nintendo Switch And in September 2021 for mobile devices. Pokémon UNITE will be a free download with an optional in-game purchase.

There are plans to launch cross-platform gaming features between the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices that will allow players on both platforms to battle together. Additionally, players can use a Pokémon Trainer Club or Nintendo account on their Nintendo Switch console and mobile device to more easily sync their progress between devices.

new Video View with the opening sequence of the game with a new video clip of the game.

Pokémon UNITE: Welcome to Aeos Islandos

Pokémon UNITE is located on the island of Aeos, a mythical island said to be on the undiscovered ocean frontier. On the island of Aeos, players will meet the Unite Battle Committee (UBC), which organizes a series of Unite Battle tournaments. In Unite Battles, players form teams of five and compete against each other to see who gets the most points before time runs out. Players will also discover a new type of energy known as Aeos Energy. Energy from Aeos can be used in Unite Battles to evolve Pokémon.

This Unite Battles game is thrilling fans all over the world and all the coaches are eager to get involved. The player takes on the role of an amateur trainer who came to Aeos to participate in these battles.

  • Unites the rules of battle Unite Battles are battles in which trainers and their Pokémon partners compete against teams of 5 players. The secret to winning in Unite Battle is to score more points than the opposing team in a short period of time. To earn points for your team, you need to collect Aeos Energy by defeating wild Pokémon and opponents, then deposit that energy into one of the opposing team’s target areas. Unite Battles take place in different stadiums and the rules are different in each stadium. There can be teams with different numbers of members, different seasons, and even different Legendary Pokémon.
  • Meeting with experienced teams – In Unite Battles, cooperation between team members is very important. When you are fighting against an experienced team or at a disadvantage, you can find your way to victory by working with other team members. In ranked games, you can earn achievement points that can raise or lower your rank depending on the outcome of the battle. You play first at the Junior Cup level and continue your journey to the Masters Cup. In addition, eligible players are entered into the global leaderboard, which is accessible to everyone.
  • level up – Before each battle, the participating Pokémon returns to level 1 thanks to the power of Aeos energy, and during each battle you receive experience points and level up. As the level of Pokemon increases, they learn powerful moves and evolve. When a Pokémon reaches the highest level, it also learns the Unite Move – a powerful attack that it can only learn and use in Unite Battles. Unite Moves can change the course of combat!
  • Fight with a new look – In Pokémon UNITE, you can change the appearance of your trainer and your Pokémon. Take part in Unite Battles to show your unique style! You can use Holowear, a special technique that uses the energy of Aeos to decorate your Pokémon with different outfits. You can also customize your trainer’s appearance, clothing, and accessories to ensure you always look your best on the battlefield as well as on the battlefield. You can update your profile with a Unite image, using a Pokémon of your trainer and partner, or even customize the image by changing your trainer’s expression, poses, or adding stickers. Before entering the game, you can see your opponent’s Unite picture and other players can see your picture too!
  • Find your role – Several different Pokémon, such as Charizard, Pikachu and Greninja, appear in Pokémon UNITE. While strengths and weaknesses of this type cannot be found in Unite Battles, each Pokémon has its own role and its own values ​​- attacker, defender, speed, booster, or overall – that reflect its playing style. You can practice with different Pokemon to find the best Pokemon for you. To use Pokémon in Unite Battles, you need a Unite license for that Pokémon. Unite licenses can be purchased through the Unite Battle Committee, where you can exchange Aeos coins (earned in Unite Battles) for the intended license.
  • Enjoy more Pokémon UNITE with Battle Pass – You have the opportunity to earn rewards in the game through the Seasonal Battle Pass. To get these rewards, you will have to level up by completing missions. In addition, players can upgrade their Battle Pass with Aeos Gems, which gives them even more rewards.
  • Get articles on business – Pokémon UNITE has three types of coins in the game: Aeos Gems (paid), Aeos Coins and Aeos Tickets. Aeos coins and Aeos tickets can be purchased during the game. In the Unite Battle Committee, players can use Aeos coins or Aeos Gems to get Unite licenses that allow them to use Pokémon in Unite Battles. In the Aeos Emporium, players can use Aeos coins or Aeos Gems to receive UBC approved merchandise, such as: b. Items for a Pokémon or outfit items for a trainer (Fashion items are also available through Aeos tickets). Zirco Trading is a company that specializes in Holowear available with Aeos stones.
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