Firefox: Update 91 integrates user privacy


The latest Firefox update provides a new way to remove cookies and trackers from visited sites. It also makes some other changes, as well as fixing hundreds of bugs.

Firefox 91 update is available.

Recent Firefox updates have brought more and more benefits to user privacy, especially when Strict mode is activated. With version 91 of the browser, Firefox continues to move in this direction by implementing a tool called Enhanced Cookie Deletion.

Better cookie management

Firefox explains that deleting cookies is not always easy, because the data some sites collect can interfere and track you from one site to another, especially in the case of embedded sites. With this new approach, the browser now splits cookies according to their origin so that they are not “scattered” and to ensure complete deletion of the latter.

In order for this to work, you need to remember to activate the “strict” browsing mode in the privacy and security settings. Under the same tab in the “Cookies and site data” category, a new Data Management menu appears that lists previously visited sites. You can then delete all cookies or select the sites you want to clean.

Site data management site.

Site data management site.

To go ahead and delete not only the site’s cookies, but also your browsing history and data stored by Firefox, all you have to do is open the “history” menu and right-click on the site in question. And select “Forgot this site”.

How to delete cookies, history and data from a site in just a few clicks.

How to delete cookies, history and data from a site in just a few clicks.

HTTPS default

This update brings other small changes such as switching to HTTPS by default: Firefox will now attempt to automatically establish a secure (HTTPS) connection to HTTP web addresses. If the site does not support HTTPS, the browser will resume the connection over the classic HTTP protocol.

Diagram showing the new Firefox connection path.  © Firefox

Diagram showing the new Firefox connection path. © Firefox

Firefox integrates Windows SSO

Finally, Firefox 91 now integrates with Windows SSO (single sign-on). This allows them to use their computer’s Microsoft account credentials to automatically sign in to all Microsoft sites online (Office 365, Outlook, or a professional account using authentication through Microsoft, for example). The option must be enabled in “Privacy and security”, and then under the “Username and password” tab.

The line to activate (not yet compiled) to use Windows SSO.

The line to activate (not yet compiled) to use Windows SSO.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

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