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PlayStation is losing one of its console exclusives to Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles, and you can also enjoy it with Xbox Game Pass.

Released in November 2020, this adventure game was originally a PlayStation exclusive, but was also available on Windows PCs. After a year and a half, bognax It will eventually land on other platforms, including Xbox consoles, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, or even Steam for PC. For those who don’t know the address yet, here’s a brief overview.

This is an action-adventure game that features characters that are more than weird, because they are made up of food. Bees are made up of honey, pizza butterflies, and your friend Lisbert finds herself lost in this colorful and sometimes unwelcoming world. The goal will be to find the explorer, collecting as many insects as possible along the way.

on other platforms, bognax It will be available from next April 28, which is also significant for Xbox Game Pass. If you are a subscriber, you will therefore be able to take advantage of it “for free” as of this date. but that is not all ! To celebrate this release, the development studio has also decided to release a new DLC called Bigsnax Island.

Additional and free content!

This DLC brings new missions, and a new environment, which features giant BigSnacks. It gives you about 3 hours of extra gameplay which is always a good thing. The update will also include many secret contents, as well as features that allow for better comfort in gaming.

Everything will be freely available to anyone who owns the base game. The studio also warns that this probably won’t be the latest content update, so keep an eye out for future announcements.

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