WoW Progress FR: Francophone rating of the founders' grave in legendary mode

The third frenetic race to advance in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands began with the opening of Mythic Mode in Founders’ Sepulcher, the expansion’s third raid. This started on Wednesday, March 9, 2022 for the French-speaking unions.

It’s time for the world’s best guilds to compete in a marathon known as progression. The purpose of this article is to summarize the Francophone order (in French), and thus to include servers where French is most used. For a more accurate or broader search, you can refer to our article containing all the useful links to follow the progress below.

Francophone classification of the founders’ tomb

For a long time in the history of Francophone progress, serious competition has arisen in recent years. While Impact was largely dominant, it was the Zero Empathy, Endeavør and even Reformed unions that sprang up to make a somewhat interesting proposition for those interested in FR progress. Likewise, the other top ten guilds are very close to the aforementioned guilds and have achieved their ultimate goal for the first time: to get their first FR!

Look for different progress

WoW Progress World: Sepulcher’s Legendary Founder’s World Ranking

Progress is underway at the founders’ grave. The third race in the World First of the Shadowlands extension of World of Warcraft Find here all the useful links to follow this entire adventure. Results, streams, nerd cries, we sum up it all for you.

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