Android Auto still has some disappointments. According to several accounts, an error causes the Google Maps app to reset every 5 minutes. So far, the issue appears to be affecting a handful of users. Unfortunately for them, Google has not yet communicated about this.

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According to several testimonies published on Official Google ForumHowever, the Google Maps app on Android Auto is the victim of a rather annoying bug. For some unknown reason, the app resets every 5 minutes. For some, the problem is more serious, resulting in Google Maps and Android Auto completely crashes with only a black screen.

When the Vivo x70 Pro is connected to the car for Android Auto navigation, the map/navigation update continues every 5-10 minutes. Every app and smartphone works with the latest update”, An affected user explains on the Android Auto forum.

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There is no solution to this error in Google Maps

As this user specifies, all temporary solutions that usually work don’t work:”I have formatted the phone, replaced it and cleared its cache and internal memory. Nothing seems to fix the problem.” He confessed. It is clear that the error does not distinguish between smartphone models. Another user reported having the same concerns about his Huawei Mate 20 Pro phone.

Moreover, he explains it The error occurs in the wired connection as in the wireless connection. He also tried to change the cables to no avail. “In addition to the sudden update, I also experienced complete card crashes, which no longer load while Android Auto becomes unusable with a black screen. I have to unplug and reconnect the control display several times until the board is loaded again. Imagine doing this while driving…”, deplores.

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Other users have experienced the same issues with the Pixel 3 XL or Pixel 6 Pro, the latest from Google. Unfortunately for infected users, There is no official solution on the agenda. For now, Google remains silent on the matter. It must be said that this bug affects very few users. If you are affected, it will take patience. As a reminder, Galaxy S21 owners have also been having serious performance concerns on Android Auto for a few days.


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