Until now Omicron There is no certainty, it must be said, but the first signs look positive. The new Sar-Cov-2 variant is up and running fast, but for now Don’t make hospital admissions too high. Doctors working in Covid wards are telling patients this they don’t get sick As in the past and do not die as in the first stage of the epidemic. “The severity of the disease is mild”, It has been repeated for days Angelique CoetzeeAnd head for South African Medical Association Who discovered the boom in South Africa. Now the first data from the British government is very encouraging.

Like daily Mail, in fact, Omicron appears to be up to 70% less risky than the delta variant: Those who become infected are 45% less likely to end up in the emergency room and between 50% and 70% less likely to be hospitalized. The data comes from the Health Security Agency (Ukhsa) and is based on half a million confirmed cases between November 22 and December 19: this is a preliminary study with only a few Omicron cases hospitalized, but also‘Imperial College’ from London and the University of Edinburgh, who have completed research in the past few hours, believe the new variant could be up to 50% less severe than the previous one. “Our final analysis – said Dr. Jenny Harris, CEO of Ukhsa – shows an encouraging sign that people who contract the Omicron variant may have a relatively lower risk of hospitalization than those who contract the other variants.”

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