Profeco reports that Tesla has been recalled on

On Tesla vehicles, Model 3 and Model Y the side attachment for the front suspension can be attached to the subframe using two clips. If a fastener is not secured to the correct profile, the fastener may loosen over time or detach from the sub-frame, which may separate the side attachment from the sub-frame.

For this reason, the automotive company points out that the Tesla brand has decided to maintain the quality and safety standards worldwide, carry out testing and, if necessary, adjust the torque of the screws on the recommended vehicles. The required correction, change of area and labor, will not incur any cost to the owner consumer. The total number of vehicles affected was 4 units.

It is noteworthy that as of November 3, 2021, Tesla has not reported any damage or any incidents on the 3 year 2019 and Model Y year 2021 vehicles in relation to this condition.

Tesla indicates that it will take the following steps:

It will notify customers by email from October 28th, inviting them to schedule an appointment for a review call.

To complete the inspection and necessary repairs, the customer must use the Tesla application to select ‘Schedule Service’> ‘Other’> ‘Something else’> and schedule a service meeting by entering the notes “Recall Open Repair – Page Link”. Study “.

Upon appointment, the Tesla Service will inspect the affected vehicles to determine the correct torque for the fasteners that secure both sides of the suspension before the subframe. If a loose or missing fastener is found during the inspection, the Tesla service will re-fasten the fastener to the correct specification. If the vehicle is not likely to be damaged by a loose or missing fastener during the test, Tesla Service will arrange free traction to the nearest service center for repairs.

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Tesla notes that such actions will take place:

In one of the Tesla centers in the Republic of Mexico. To verify locations go here:
In addition, Tesla offers the following communication options to car owners:
Phone: 800 228 8145
மின்னஞ்சல் By email to: [email protected]

Tesla announces that its campaign will begin on October 21, 2021 with a validity of 12 months.

Finally, the consumer who has changed ownership is invited to report the contact details of the current owners through the indicated mechanisms.

Profeco will continue to alert you to the company’s compliance and provide complaints and advice on consumer telephone numbers (55) 5568 8722 in Mexico City and metropolitan areas and 800 468 8722 in other parts of the country.


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