Mintesa (The Voice) is confident in her future projects with Viani

During an interview with Gala, Mintesa, a former nominee for Season 10 of The Voice of the Vianney, revealed her singing career. She specifically admitted that she has projects in cooperation with her former coach.

The last year, Mintesa had touched the hearts of the audience with a song specially written for her by her coach, Viani. Mintesa didn’t win the Season 10 trophy from The Voice but who cares. The 22-year-old Belgian won it all by getting involved in the phone line that completely turned her life upside down, she says. He was taken under his wing by his former coach, and she accompanied him for several months on his tour. On Saturday, May 21, 2022, I find him in the group where Caroline Costa, Noor, Mister Matt, Loris and Faik will try to become The Voice 2022.

When asked about this season, the young woman will feel “unable to vote for anyone”. “There are five of them and they are all different. No one is better than the other, it’s a story of universes”, you trust our colleagues from TF1. The young singer also explains what she felt Hearing two talents sing his title “It Bam…” During this year’s blind auditions: “So many people are covering the song Et Bam!Mintesa is transferred.

“I have other projects with Vianney”

In an interview with the magazine glare, The singer is back for her next professional projects, Especially on a future project with Vianney. “I’m starting to get acquainted with the color of my album, the very pop, a little sad between Sia and Adele, but in French. Moreover, we’d like to release the EP in the fall, then the album”Mintesa says. Then the young magazine asks whether or not her album contains other titles with Vianney. Then the young woman was entrusted for the first time with a new project: “This is not planned, but we do not prevent anything. But I have other projects with Viani […] Of course I can’t say, but it’s about the music “, explains Mintesa. She, who followed her former coach on a tour around France, makes the impression He started his career upside down. “My career is just getting started, and I’m really lucky to be able to sing in Percy. Like the impression I’m doing my career upside down”before concluding that she’ll have to run “like a big one” during her solo concerts.

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