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US President Joe Biden said Saudi Arabia’s upcoming mission is to foster a “strategic partnership” that “respects core values.” Biden, who will travel to Israel and Saudi Arabia next week, explained in a Washington Post op-ed that the visit aims to strengthen “a strategic partnership based on mutual interests and responsibilities, and respectful of core American values.”
“I know that many do not agree with my decision to go to Saudi Arabia – continued the president – my views on human rights have been clear for years and fundamental freedoms have always been on the agenda when they go on assignments and they will also be in that case.” The controversy surrounding Biden’s trip is mainly related to the killing of the Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, after which the US President himself announced that he wanted to isolate the oil ownership.

For Joe Biden, Saudi Arabia is an important partner in meeting the challenges that await the United States, Russia and China in the lead. “As president, my job is to keep our country strong and secure. We must stand up to Russia’s aggression, put ourselves in the best possible position to compete and beat China and work for greater stability in the world. To do all this we must establish relationships with those countries that may have impact on achieving these goals, and Saudi Arabia is one of them,” the US president wrote in a Washington Post op-ed titled “Why I’m Going to Saudi Arabia.”

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