Hot Wheels Unleashed introduces its own video skate park

Mattel And the turn Share today a new game trailer for Hot Wheels Unleashed, dedicated to its fourth environment: the skatepark!

Skatepark is the level with the largest space available in order to give free rein to one’s creativity and thus build circles without any walls or furniture. Thus players can use ramps, handrails and beams to build crazy roads. This unique environment offers picturesque slopes, jumps and dark tunnels as well as a basketball court.

In addition, seven new vehicles have been introduced out of the 60 that will be available at the launch of the game:

  • bad for blade
  • Hot Wheels High™
  • Fast-Racer™
  • Hard Muscle™
  • Tur-Bone Charged™
  • Roller Toaster™
  • Time Attaxi™

New environments and cars will be revealed in the coming months.

Hot Wheels Unleashed It gives players the chance to drive, as if they were playing with mini cars from the famous game brand. The gameplay of the game includes action-packed races, as well as a wide range of cars hot wheelsEach has its own unique level of rarity and characteristics that players can customize using different skins. In addition, they will find picturesque circuits located in places of everyday life, consisting of special route charts and interactive objects. The game also features a revolutionary track modification feature, allowing players to customize courses in any environment and share them with the community.

Hot Wheels Unleashed will come out September 30, 2021 On PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Pre-order the game now!

Hot Wheels Unleashed™ – Day 1 Edition :

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This edition First day Available on all platforms except PC. It includes:

  • full game Hot Wheels Unleashed
  • The HOT WHEELS™ – Sportscars Pack DLC which will give access to two additional in-game vehicles: Track MangaTM et GT-ScorcherTM.

Hot Wheels Unleashed™ – Acceptable Challenge Edition :

This edition challenge accepted Available on all platforms except PC. It includes:

  • full game Hot Wheels Unleashed
  • miniature model bone shakerTM With exclusive livery
  • United Nations Steelbook
  • The HOT WHEELS™ Pass Vol. 1 that gives access to 15 vehicles, 25 customization items, 4 track pieces, and a theme expansion
  • double sided sticker


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