Attention, all players who used this prohibited practice will be banned

It’s been several weeks since then new world, the current MMORPG from Amazon Games. A game that I managed to emulate even before its release, and thus queues, the length of which caused a lot of talk in the shacks. Problems pile up there, such a prohibited practice that would be the origin of a chain of prohibitions.

Banners wave approaching

pocket gold coins in new world Harder than it seems. The value of the currency has become so important that bartering is now commonplace. Certain resources, plentiful and easy to obtain, are now worth less than the game’s currency. An economy struggling to find gold, forcing impatient players to turn to forbidden technologies. But beware, Amazon is watching. The development teams have just announced that any player caught with their hand in the bag risks being shut down completely.

Directly via a message posted in the game forums, moderated by Luxendra new world, just inform the players.

Greetings adventurers,

Since the beginning of the transfers, we have identified a small number of characters who, after switching servers, find themselves in a state of invalid data that prevents them from registering properly. We fixed the characters in this case starting this morning.

Some players in this small group have moved gold or items while their character is affected. All these transactions are recorded in our database. We are currently reviewing it, and all players who intentionally use this practice to gain an advantage will be banned. We will also remove any items or gold received, if applicable.

In the future, as a precaution, we may temporarily prevent characters from logging in in this case. If you are one of the few people who transfer their data and can’t log in after that, the issue should be resolved automatically within a couple of hours. If it persists after this time, please contact customer service.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!”

A technology was discovered after the release of update 1.0.3 that introduced server transfers. While trying to transfer their characters from one server to another, some players received an error message: “Character_Persist_Failure”. Concerned about this bug, these players discover that if they send gold to another player, disconnect, and then reconnect, the lost gold magically returns. The duality that has been the cause of many ills in the MMO where gold reigns over many resources. Complaints multiplied, forcing Amazon Games to respond.

dots on the letter i

It is now done. A message stating that any player who resorts to this practice will be banned. Strict measures that still risk making people shiver. However, it is very likely that Amazon will limit itself to distributing warnings if the redundancy is minor or accidental. In the most critical cases, a temporary or even permanent ban may be imposed. It’s hard to tell how popular this practice is among players new world.

whatever, Amazon has just positioned itself on this topic and players are now being warned. Even if server transfers are not yet optimal, misuse or bugs, such as this golden copy, are still prohibited. Although gold has seen a huge rise in value during the first few weeks of play, trying to get some easy loot can end in a ban. Is the risk worth it? Only the players have the answer.

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