Rendu Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 will have a frame of 41 and 45 mm, and Apple will take the opportunity to introduce new dials according to Mark Gorman. Bloomberg reporter Report It will use the new screen size.

A new version of the Standard infographic will be one of the new options. Mark Gurman specifies that the new dials will be exclusive to the Apple Watch Series 7. So older models should not benefit from the watchOS update.

If the rumors are to be believed, the Apple Watch Series 7 will adopt a new design, especially with the flat bezels. The display will be similar (in idea) to what’s already in the latest iPhones and iPads. The screen will be larger and the surrounding borders will be reduced. In addition, the watch will carry an S7 chip which will be smaller than the current model. This should allow Apple to put in a larger battery. Also, several new colors will be available, including a pistachio green model.

Apple should usually introduce the Apple Watch Series 7 next month, at the keynote where there will be the iPhone 13. And owners of the current model can be reassured: the current bracelets will still be compatible, although the case will rise to 41 and 45 mm (versus 40 and 44 mm even right Now).

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