Liverpool FC are investigating a spit fire attack against Manchester City

During Liverpool’s home game against Manchester City, an ugly scene appeared: an LFC fan allegedly spit on a city official. The incident is currently under investigation.

After the best game in the English Premier League at Liverpool FC (Final result: 2-2Complaining about an observer’s undesirable activity. A Liverpool supporter is said to have spit on a city employee. Among other things, reporter Sam Lee from the “Liverpool Echo” and “Athletes” platform reports on this.

The incident is said to have taken place at the main stand of the stadium on Anfield Road and was recorded on camera.

Report by Pep Cardiola

According to the “Liverpool Echo”, the LFC should know about the alleged incident and investigate it.

City coach Pep Cardiola said: “There are always people who do something like that.” But he is confident that Liverpool will take appropriate action in the wake of the incident.

“Liverpool is bigger than one person. With its history, it has helped Liverpool make the game better,” the former Bayern Munich coach continued.

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