Horn, you can easily disconnect it: you can no longer use it |  The ban goes into effect
Never toot your horn again – Source Depositphotos.com – autoruote4x4.com

It's one of the most common mistakes on the street, but if you're caught, you'll expect huge fines. Is it true that you can't honk the horn or are there exceptions? Let's find out together what the Highway Code says about this: If you know the law, you will never get a fine in your life.

You only have to walk down the street for a few minutes to realize that there is a device that motorists, especially in big cities, tend to abuse. Let's talk about Audio signaling devicewhich we all know more commonly as trumpet.

In fact, who among us has never used a trumpet for reasons other than those for which it was intended? Perhaps to attract the attention of a friend passing by on the street, or even to complain to another motorist, to begin with Real wars To the sound of the trumpet.

If this happened to you too, you need to know about it If you don't get a fine it's just a matter of luck. In fact, sanctions have already been imposed on many of them. But what does the Highway Code say about this?

Do not honk your horn, or you risk hefty fines

Who is dealing with the matter? Article 156 of the Traffic LawWhich deals with setting rules related to audio signaling devices. They should be used sparingly, only for road safety reasons, and in any case for a few seconds. Basically, it should be used to avoid accidents.

Its use is only permitted Outside populated centersWhile inside it should only be used in cases of real danger. At night, It is better to replace it with traffic lightsor high beams.

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Heavy fines for those who honk without reason - Source Depositphotos.com - autoruote4x4.com
Heavy fines for those who sound the horn without a reason – Source Depositphotos.com – autoruote4x4.com

Fines for honking without a valid reason

As we said, the traffic law is very strict. This is because Misusing trumpets only means creating confusion This can also lead to accidents or worse. It is therefore a matter of respecting the sleep of others, especially at night, and avoiding the noise pollution that our cities unfortunately suffer from.

If you breach section 156, you risk a fine ranging from one Minimum 41 euros But it can lead, in the worst cases, to madness 168 euros.


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