Students who okkupano?  Let them go and study in Iran.  And then we'll see

From New York to Los Angeles, from Dartmouth to New Orleans, Student protests organized by pro-Palestinian activists broke out in the United StatesSo much so that more than two thousand people have been arrested in the past fifteen days on campus alone. Shocking numbers, providing a quick glimpse into the difficult moment that American (and Western in general) universities are experiencing today, and how the pro-Gaza demonstrations are completely turning into non-peaceful actions, to the point of forcing troops to do so. From ordering the evacuation of various illegally occupied universities, as happened in the last hours at the University of California, and even before that in Colombia.

But not only. Because so far, there are at least forty American universities affected by the protests. It is expected that the numbers will rise further during the next few hours, as there will certainly not be interventions by American agents with riot control equipment or the words of the American President. Joe Biden You satisfy The troubled souls of pro-Bal youth. In fact, as the days go by, the situation becomes more heated, the climate more intolerant, and the opposition more violent.

Clearly someone who enjoys getting big messes with the stars and stripesIranwhich continues to excite university groups with a purpose Destabilizing the West and increasing pressure on the United States (And thus on Israel) by infiltrating the academic world close to the cultural environments of the progressive left. The result is Irrational pro-Islam ideological indoctrination This is unprecedented in the history of the West, anti-Semitic and anti-Western hatred.

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At this point it can be said: If American and European pro-Palestinian fighters suffer in this way from the tyranny and behavior of Western democracies, and, on the contrary, feel very comfortable under the umbrella of tolerant Islamic republics, then it is time Accept the Iranians' invitation, ready (at least in words) to welcome them with open arms. They succumb to the “Come and study with us” wooing of the ayatollahs, who have been installed as the new champions of the freedoms of (yes, them) abused Western students. They can also go to Iran. If that happens, unfortunately, we'll deal with it.

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