Wal-O-Matt Federal Election 2021: Which party is right for me?
Bundestack election Bundestock Election 2021

Which party in Wal-O-Matt-Germany is most suitable for you?

On September 26, 2021, the Germans will elect a new parliament

On September 26, 2021, the Germans will elect a new parliament

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Germany will elect a new parliament on September 26 – and the race is closer than ever. There are a total of 47 parties to choose from – what do you believe in? Those who have not decided can find guidance on Wall-O-Matt.

D.The general election will be held on 26. September 2021 instead. The referendum will determine who will rule Germany over the next four years of assembly.

The era of President Angela Merkel will come to an end because the 66-year-old will no longer run. Merkel will then head the federal government for four legislative terms and 16 years. Only Helmet Cole has been able to do that before.

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Postal voting for the 2021 federal election: you need to know that

Three parties have fielded candidates for the presidency: Armin Lachet is running for the CDU, Olaf Scholes, the nominee for the SPD, and the Greens are vying for the presidency for the first time.

54 parties are allowed in the Bundestag election. However, seven people will not participate for various reasons. The Central Electoral Officer announced that these parties will not compete with state lists or constituency candidates. Therefore, they cannot be selected. Seven parties: Free Voters Brandenburg, German Conservatives, German Central, Liberal Democrats, SGV (Unity, Justice, Change), WiR2020 and Wir2020.

Wall-O-Matt Bundestock election: Which party is right for me?

In every election in Germany, the Federal Institute for Civil Education They conducted a poll of the parties standing in the election and compiled their plans and positions on 38 topics.

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How was Wall-O-Made created by PPP?

The Wall-O-Mate for this year’s federal election was created by the Federal Organization for Civil Education. In collaboration with young and first-time voters, a list of questions was drawn up that included 38 dissertations on central questions in German politics. The parties coming to the polls were then asked to comment on personal opinions.

Wall-O-Mate users can click “Agree”, “Disagree” or “Neutral” on each individual study and finally decide on a maximum of eight parties to be taken into account in the evaluation.

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You vote - for the first time

First voter in federal election

The Wal-O-Mat calculates which party is closest to the voter and shows the individual positions of the parties in each study.

What does the Wall-O-Matt decision mean?

Wahl-O-Mats’ decision is not a definitive election recommendation, but shows which parties you have the greatest agreement with in terms of content — and with which parties the least.

On the results page, you can also see what the parties have to say about personal dissertations. This function of Wall-O-Mats helps to be familiar with election plans and to make decisions for state elections.

State election on September 26, 2021

In addition to the general election, two state elections will be held on Sunday. In Berlin, voters determine the composition of the House of Representatives in the new state parliament of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. PPP Wall-O-Mate is available for these elections:

Wall-o-Mat for the election of the Berlin House of Representatives
Wall-O-Mat for state election in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

Bundestag election: Most recent poll

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You can find news and background information about the election on our topic page on the federal election.

Weld is the media partner of the federal agency’s voting machine for civic education / PPP.

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