Bones, if you want to keep them healthy, stock up on this food: it is better than a thousand nutritional supplements
Human bones – StreetFoodNews (photo by Depositphotos)

Bone health is essential, especially after a certain age when they become thin. Instead of supplements, try eating this food.

Importance bone You don't understand until you get younger; Once you cross a certain age threshold, you realize they are The basics.

They are what sustains us, keeps us standing, and keeps us going. Feeling pain in the knee or foot, for example, makes it impossible for us to move.

But bones “age” with us, meaning that over time they become increasingly brittle and weak. So it's easy to fall, break one – usually the femur, as we know – and then have to stay in bed for a long hospital stay.

However, we can maintain healthy bones by keeping them resistant for a longer period through the use of nutritional supplements. But today we want to reveal a secret to you: you can also do this through nutrition. Help yourself What you should eat.

Bones: How to maintain their health with nutrition

There is an island in remote Japan that offers some special characteristics among its inhabitants: there are many centenarians, and among them are cases Osteoporosis Smaller than in the United States. what is wrong? what okinawa, This is the name. The population does not eat milk and cheese, which are foods rich in calcium, which is beneficial for bones. How is that possible?

The explanation is simple: in addition to consuming a lot of vegetables, fish and soybeans, the population does not eat foods that hinder the absorption of calcium. Which elsewhere is the order of the day. That's why it is used supplements; But there are some foods that are filled with this important mineral. Some of them are even unexpected.

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Calcium ricotta
Ricotta – StreetFoodNews (photo by Depositphotos)

What you need to bring to the table

Some foods are naturally rich in calcium, even more than milk itself. Even if few of them really know how to eat it. Did you know that two hundred grams of black cabbage contains more calcium than one A cup of milkAnd the? Specifically 400 milligrams versus 240 milligrams. But there are other vegetables that are also rich in it, for example arugula, broccoli, cauliflower and kale.

At the top is soy, Which provides approximately 280 milligrams per hundred grams, compared to 35 for lentils. So go ahead and eat tofu. Unbelievable but true, some fresh cheeses like ricotta and cresenza contain more calcium than milk itself, or about 300 milligrams. Without forgetting all those foods that, on the contrary, limit its absorption: one of them is salt. That's why cheese Fresh It is better than marinated, which contains more.


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