USA: Rochester police question again after arresting a black woman

New York | After two already controversial incidents in recent months, a black woman in New York’s Upstate Rochester has been re-investigated following the release of pictures of her being arrested along with her daughter.

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The footage, which was uploaded on Friday, shows a police officer dated February 22 who approached a woman and accused her of stealing goods from the owner of a nearby business a few minutes ago.

She says she did not steal anything and arbitrarily shows the contents of her handbag to the agent. But he refuses to let her. She starts to run, and several agents follow her before she can tackle the ground.

The woman manages to get up and then a policeman sprays pepper spray on her. Separated from her mother, the 3-year-old girl screams for several minutes, until authorities reunite them.

The Rochester Police Oversight Board, which includes only members of civil society, said at a conference that it was “disturbed” by the uploaded images.

For example, there are “chaotic parallels” between this incident and another police intervention in late January, during which a 9-year-old child was handcuffed and sprayed with pepper spray.

“These chaotic incidents show that the Rochester Police Force needs to fundamentally change its culture,” the panel said, citing Saturn Wilson.

In September, the arrested pictures, still in Rochester, showed Daniel Proud, a black man in the throat of a psychiatric episode, already causing a scandal.

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Forty-one fainted before he died a week later of suffocation from a hood placed on his head by police.

After the autopsy, the forensic agency had decided that the death was a homicide, but by the end of February, a major arbitrator had decided not to charge any police officers involved in the arrest.

The lawsuit was probably funded by George Floyd and Prona Taylor, blacks. Their deaths have sparked hundreds of protests in the United States since last May.


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