L'heure du grand défi pour l'UBB de Cameron Woki face au champion de France et d'Europe.

It is a major challenge proposed to UBB. Defeat Toulouse. Which she failed to do last season despite four attempts. The race returned with an authoritarian victory (14-37), and the Federation is keen to assess itself against the defending champion, who is only two points behind him in the standings.

It is true that we struggled against them last season, admits rear Roman Burruss, We have to succeed in overcoming them. We have to beat the big teams because these kinds of matches are what build our squad.

Everyone is in a hurry to watch this match, 1st vs 2nd, adding flavor to this story – Mohamedou Diaby

For the first time since March 2020, the Chaban-Delmas stadium will be refueled. They will be 33,000 to push behind the Gironde team in the hopes of reclaiming the leader’s place. “We are lucky to be able to play these matches, recognizes Captain Mohamedou Diaby, It is an honor to play this kind of match which brings so much desire and enthusiasm among the people. Everyone is in a hurry to watch this match, first versus second, it just adds flavor to this story.

The return of the Argentine international, Guido Petit. © Radio France
Justin Hammon

In the aftermath of the demonstration in the square, the staff made only three changes in the fifteenth start. Argentine Guido Petit is back in second grade. Maxime Loco and Matthew Gallibert also return to the hinge.

On the Toulouse side, Ugo Mola has decided to include the majority of his international players such as the Dupont-NTamack duo.

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UBB : Poros – Cordero, Cetini, Movana, L – (S) Gallibert (M) Loco – Diaby, Picamoulis, Wookie – Douglas, Petit – Cubillas, Lammoth, Paiva.

alternatives : Kaulashvili, Maynadier, Roussel, Jolmes, Vergnes-Taillefer, Lesgourgues, Trinh-Duc, Tameifuna.

Toulouse : Malia – Tauzin, Guitoune, Akhi, Lebel – (o) NTamack (m) Dupont – Jelonch, Tolofua, Cros – Meafou, Yoyoutte – Aldegheri, Mauvaka, Neti.

alternatives Cramont, Bale, Tycory, Brennan, Mikel, German, Holmes, Tavelli.

UBB-Toulouse, a shock that can be fully experienced at France Bleu Gironde and francebleu.fr from 8:30 pm with Arnaud Carré, Vincent Forgues and Erwan Chassin.


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