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French President Emmanuel Macron concluded, from consultations with party leaders, that “a government of national unity is currently excluded.”

“The majority” of the parties oppose, according to what the president announced live on air from the Elysee. The way is “la Find a larger and clearer majority to represent.”

We must all learn to govern and legislate differentlySpeaking to the country for the first time since then, Macron said Defeat before the legislature Sunday. “Building new compromises in dialogue, listening and respect – said the president – is what you want and I take note of it.”

“I have Confidence in everyone’s sense of responsibilityMacron continued, invoking the need tobuilding concessionsWith other political forces after the presidential coalition lost the absolute majority in the National Assembly.

In tonight’s message on TV, Macron referred to “Alliance Charter“both in”Find majorities on a case-by-case basisMacron said that a “new way”, a “new composition”, which we would have to start “building” upon his return from the European summit in Brussels.

Mélenchon, Bourne Gain confidence or resign
“Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne must ask the confidence of the National Assembly”: this is the request made by the leader of France Insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who spoke immediately after President Emmanuel Macron’s address to the nation. On the need for democracy. The prime minister must ask for the confidence of the Council, and if she does not obtain it, she must resign,” Minbar al-Gashem warned, noting that “the executive authority is currently weak, but the National Council is strong.”

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