The gold statue of Donald Trump on display at the CBAC conference this weekend has undoubtedly caused a stir among its supporters, a tribute paid in the most paradoxical way in Mexico, which has often drawn the wrath of the former president.

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Named “Trump and His Magic Wand”, the statue depicts Donald Trump with a gold head, suit top, shorts in the colors of the American flag and sandals on his feet.

“He wears a dress because he is a businessman. The red tie represents the Republican Party. The red, white and blue shorts indicate the fact that he is a patriot,” he explained Saturday. New York Post The artist behind this statue is Tommy Jagan.

Magic Wand, meanwhile, refers to helping the former president bring back jobs based in the United States, the artist added during his interview.

But in a very unusual way, the statue was erected in Mexico to pay homage to Trump, as ordered by the Republican Party.

Jagan spent more than six months building a 200 lb fiberglass statue with the help of three men in Rosarito. He took her to Tampa, Florida, where he painted her in chrome and then took her from there to the CPAC. [à Orlando]», American media report Politics.

The statue is on sale for 100 100,000, he said New York Post.

Donald Trump is looking forward to his first speech at the Conservative Conference on Sunday since leaving the White House last January.

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