Was Baptiste Giacconi really in a relationship with Katy Perry?  He answers in

Baptiste Giacconi had an affair with Katy Perry? While he finally admitted that it was a mistake in his work titled Carl and me, who appeared in February 2020, gave a different answer in the show tourists This Saturday, July 24, 2021.

Baptiste Giacconi and Katy Perry met in 2012 at the Chanel show in Paris. The two artists were seen dating. A few days later, they were seen leaving a nightclub together in the capital … This led to a lot of rumors.. Then Baptiste Giacconi and Katy Perry went on vacation together in Corsica, and the American star reportedly met the French model’s mother…”Marie France is very strict and Katy Perry’s parents are priests. It helps a lot in the relationship between Katie and Baptiste”source of secrets for the newspaper the sun.

In January 2020, The 31-year-old Corsican claimed to have had an affair with a beautiful brunette In an interview with The pure. “Katy Perry, whom I dated for a few months. A wonderful girl that I still keep in touch with. It’s just happiness and a beautiful experience”, I have done in detail. Just, Then he corrected these observations in his work entitled Carl and mePosted in February 2020. He explained that he simply looked for a good spot for Katy Perry during the show. “Karl knew very well that Katie and I had created an adorable photo-couple,” wrote before adding That another unforgettable scene – the famous kiss on Katy Perry’s neck – was perfectly designed.. “I’m not ashamed, everyone does it, more or less. It’s called “com.” And It is to explain.

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True or false ?

But this Saturday, July 24, 2021 It’s another letter he defended again in the show Tourists, lifeguard mission at sea. Guests, Cartman, Camille Cerf, Edgar Yves, Baptiste Giacconi, Anne-Sophie Girard and Florent Beer sat down to tell a tale. After starting to tell a false story, Baptiste Giacconi finally admitted that he had an affair with Katy Perry.. “You know I had a love affair with one person, Katy Perry. We were surfing on a private beach, and I went to get close to her, to sympathize, and our relationship started from there. It stayed about six months” He begins with an explanation. “At the same time this is completely wrong. I was with Katy Perry but not under these circumstances.”. Is this story true? The form seems to say yes…


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